20140506 Spomladanski Samar foto Jure Matoz 122.jpgPrulček is an alternative cultural venue on the edge of the center of Ljubljana that offers non-mainstream artists a carefree path to artistic expression and a noble audience.

With a capacity of 60 , Prulček provides the best of small intimate club gigs with great atmosphere and thankful audience. Prulček is a great live music venue with good sound and a 3m large screen, beer garden and a sound & lighting system with a good sized dedicated stage (dimensions below) - we don’t hide our bands away in a corner!

Capacity: 60 people sitting or 100 standing
Stage dimensions: 
  • 3m headroom
  • 2.5m back to front
  • 5m wide

  • PA - Turbosound
  • Mixer Behringer  X AIR XR 12
  • Soundcraft EFX 8: 8x XLR, 2x stereo jack, total 12 channels
  • 2 active 550W monitors BEH B212D
  • 2 Shure SM58, Shure SM57
  • Stereo pair condenser mikes Rode
  • Drum set Tama
  • DI box

  • 4 x ProLight MP60 LED Fresnel WW
  • 12 x LED par spots
  • PC based DMX controller

Spotted by locals: Prulček Bar – Hidden hangout with amazing music
“We’ve been waiting a long time for it! This little bar, almost hidden between high blocks of Prule, started a big hype among Ljubljana jazz, blues and rock jammers and all other-kinds-of-music lovers. It could stay unnoticed if it wasn’t for its amazing daily music program.”

The Travel Mob: Prulček
“Prulcek is patroned almost exclusively by locals, who come to drink a wide range of international/artesan beers out on their terrace, underneath a canopy of coloured umbrellas. With curved bar and glitter ball, there’s a waft of provincial 1980s UK nightclub about the venue’s interior, but here is where you’ll find jazz, rock, blues and cabaret performances almost every evening.”

In Your Pocket: Prulček Bar
“Since it opened in 2012, Prulček has quietly become one of the city's foremost venues for live music”